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Register the game with your license

This page explains how to register the game with the license you just bought. If you want to buy a license, click here.


You received your personal license via email. The license is a file named "user.lic". This a binary file that a human cannot read.

attention Warning ! Save the license mail or at least the license file : no copy will be later delivered to you. Also note that this page contains screenshots for Windows but the procedure is exactly the same for Mac or Linux.


To register the game and unblock the features, you must:

  • 1) Save the "user.lic" file to a directory of your choice.
  • 2) Run the game.
  • 3) Click on "About" menu then on "Version" sub-menu: a window named "Version" should appear.
  • 4) Fill the user and mail fields following exactly what was in the mail and respecting lowercases/uppercases.
  • 5) Click on "Register".
  • 6) In the dialog box that opens, go in the directory where you saved the license file, select it then click on "Open". If you correctly entered the parameters matching your license file, a message should appear to tell you that the registration succeeded.