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- Version 4.0.0 (05-10-2012 : download) :

  • 5 neue Bretter : "Gürtel", "Donkey Kong", "Gans", "Dreifach" und "Quadraten".
  • 3 neue Themen : "Ägypten", "Sommer" und "Halloween".
  • Eine Anzeige Fehler in Board-Editor war behoben.
  • Verbessert: Dialogfelder Öffnen / Speichern von Dateien haben einen Filter standardmäßig ausgewählt.
  • Typo im Namen des Themas "Valentine".

- Version 3.5.0 (01-03-2012) :

  • 3 neue Bretter : "Eule", "Gebäude" und "Steckdose".
  • 3 neue Themen : "Android", "Bleistift" und "Valentine".
  • Komprimierung der Musiken, um der Gesamtgröße des Archivs zu reduzierung.
  • Neue Sprache: Deutsch.

Daraus, diese Seite wurde noch nicht ins Deutsche übersetzt worden. Hier ist die englische Version. Oder sehen Sie die Version in Deutsch von Google übersetzt

- Version 3.1.0 (09-09-2011 : download) :

  • Major bug fix : network game : server connection lost when creating a game.
  • Addition of 2 new boards : "Coil" and "Russian dolls".

- Version 3.0.2 (07-14-2011) :

  • Major bug fix : board editor : put other squares than full squares at the edges of the board makes the board unplayable.
  • Bug fix : one non understandable board validation message.

- Version 3.0.1 (07-12-2011) :

  • Major bug fix : bug that only occurred on Mac : in the board editor, impossible to save/load the board project file (.bbp) and to generate the board file (.brd).
  • Bug fix : impossible to start under some particular platforms because of a problem opening some sound files.

- Version 3.0.0 (07-06-2011) :

  • New major features : board editor (create your own boards) and boards manager (import some new boards that have been created by some other players and have been downloaded from the boards catalog, for instance).
  • Introduced computer AI levels : bronze, silver and gold medals (gold is the highest level). A bronze medal (default value) computer does not block the pawns of the opponents in their home.
  • New option : make a 6 value with the dice allows to play again (disabled by default).
  • Addition of 2 new boards : "Snake" and "Ray".
  • Addition of 1 new skin : "Glossy".
  • Modified skins to obtain more readable boards and better distinguish between out, barricade and goal squares.
  • Boards preview in the "Board" menu with a board thumbnail window displayed in the upper right corner of the screen (can be disabled).
  • Ability to play alone on a server against only computers (to wait for real opponents).
  • Bug fix : no more crash when a computer has its pawns blocked at home.
  • Bug fix : changing the speed of the moves of the computers while in a game is now working.

- Version 2.0.0 (11-14-2010) :

  • New major feature : network game on the local network or through the internet.
  • Addition of 5 new boards : "Beetle", "Bird", "Plane", "Height", "Invader".
  • Addition of 7 new musics : "Barn beat", "Cautious path", "Destination", "Heart of the sea", "Iron man", "Jungle run", "Midnight ride".
  • New option : colored hands for players.
  • Update made easier : automatic registration with the old license of the player, automatic copy of the old saved games.
  • Automatic closure of the message dialog box when player cannot play.
  • Icons for the player types when creating a new game.
  • Default opponent is a computer when creating a new game.
  • Improved information in the save/load game dialog box.
  • Some graphical bugs fixed.
  • Bug fix : player panel is no more flashing when the dice is automatic.
  • Bug fix : no more problem like "javaw not found" that occurs for some Windows/Java combinations.
  • Windows installer customized with a "Barricade" skin.

- Version 1.6.0 (03-10-2010) :

  • Addition of one new board: "android".
  • Addition of one new skin: "winter".

- Version 1.5.1 (11-09-2009) :

  • Corrected a bug in the "key" board.

- Version 1.5.0 (11-08-2009) :

  • New major feature: ability to save and reload a game.
  • Addition of 3 new boards: "octopus", "spider" and "key".

- Version 1.1.0 (10-13-2009) :

  • Addition of an option to tune robots moves speed.
  • Correction of the unability to register the game with UAC under Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Simplification of the registration procedure (dialog box to choose the license file).
  • Renaming of the license file from "user.key" to "user.lic".

- Version 1.0.4 (07-06-2009) :

  • Correction of the bug when a barricade is on the final square and the bot is going to win (other case).

- Version 1.0.3 (06-23-2009) :

  • Native look and feel for better display according to the platform.
  • Menus improvments.

- Version 1.0.2 (05-04-2009) :

  • Correction of the bug when a barricade is on the final square and the bot is going to win.

- Version 1.0.1 (04-29-2009) :

  • Minor bugs corrections.

- Version 1.0.0 (04-25-2009) :

  • Initial version.