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Network game

The network game is one of the additional features of Barricade. In the unregistered version, it is possible to test network game for up to 5 games maximum, only 2 boards are available and the team games are not possible. If the program is registered, there are none of these limitations. Note that you must use one different personal license per computer when playing network games.

network game

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Principle and features

What is better than playing against a human intelligence ? With a far from you friend ? With some people to be met ? A Barricade game server can host many players playing at the same time on different games, on different boards.


Network game includes the following features:

  • Play through internet on a central server (permanent official server *)
  • Play through internet on a personal server (server created by somebody)
  • Network game on a LAN (private network)
  • Integrated textual chat system (discussions with players on the server, with players in your game: private messages or team messages)
  • Possibility to add some artificial intelligence players (computers)
  • Solo game or team game
  • All boards supported
  • Move help can be authorized or not
  • Password protected access to a game is possible
  • Password protected access to the server is possible

* Important: the author can suppress the official server if he cannot fund it with the bought licenses. However, the creation of a server by players (through the graphical interface of the game) will always be available. Thus, it will be always possible to play network game, through internet or on a LAN (private local network).


Game server types

Public server

A public game server is a server accessible through internet. It is aimed at welcoming players located all over the world. It is visible in the public servers list.


There is at least one public server which is permanent: this is the official server provided by the author. The official server is available 24/24.

Personal server

A personal game server is a server created by a player, from the application. A personal server is accessible from the private local network (LAN) of the player, but also by other players located on the internet (if the host is accessible from the internet).


If the player checks the "Public server" checkbox when he creates the game server, the server is visible  by other (remote) players in the public servers list. In all cases, a personal server is accessible from other hosts located on the same local network as the server creator's host (it should then be visible in the local servers list).


If one knows the (IP or DNS) address of a server, whatever its type (public or not), it is always possible to connect to this server using the "Specific server" tab.


Tutorials and screenshots

Tutorials contain videos as well as screenshots so that one can have an idea of what Barricade network game looks like.

  • The easiest way to play a network game with Barricade is to use the official server. This is explained in the public server tutorial.
  • However, if you would like to create your own game server and that the people you want to play with connect to it, through the internet or from the local network (LAN), use the personal server tutorial.


Find players

If you do not have friends to play Barricade with, check out the forums. You will be able to browse players classified ads or post your own ad to find people to play with in the timeframes and boards that suit you.


Then you can use the integrated messaging system to exchange your contact information (mail/msn/skype...) in order to prepare your network games. To post on the forum or to access the messaging system, you need to register (free).


Another good way of finding people to play Barricade with is to tell a friend.


Create a permanent server

It is possible to create a temporary game server through the graphical interface as described here. But if you have a host that can stay up and available 24/24, and if you like, you can setup a permanent Barricade game server that will be visible in the public servers list.


For that, you need a Linux box (at least, the provided script is for Unix only). Then download this zip file and start by reading the readme file included in this archive. Once the game server process is started, the game server (if it is correctly accessible) should appear in the public servers list that a client can see. Think to check that the default server port number (1976, TCP) is correctly opened/forwarded in your potential firewall.


If you do need help to setup a permanent public game server of Barricade, contact the author.