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Network game - Tutorial - Public server

This page explains how to connect to a public game server, create and start a new Barricade game:

  • The video tutorial is the simplest way of quickly understanding the process (try to use full screen mode and high resolution).
  • The screenshots tutorial contains more details.

network game

To see tutorials regarding personal servers, click here.

To know more about the network game features, click here.


Video tutorial - Public server

You can see the video in full screen mode by clicking on the 4 arrows in the lower right corner of the video. Its is also recommended to use the highest possible resolution (720p HD) using the button just on the right of the progress bar (when reading).



Screenshots tutorial - Public server

Click on the images to see them in bigger size and make them readable. Then click on the new image if you want the original size.

Step 1 - Connect to the server

Open the connection dialog box by clicking on the menus :

"Game" -> "Network game" -> "Connect to a server"



The dialog box appears, it contains 3 tabs:

  • Public servers: holds the list of servers accessible through internet.
  • Local servers: holds the list of servers on your private network (your LAN, at home).
  • Specific server: allows to type the address of a specific (public or local) server to connect to it.

In this tutorial, we want to connect to the official public server. An official (managed by the author, available 24/24) server is guaranteed by the red roundel in the "Official" column of the list. If there is no roundel, this is a public server that has been temporarly created by somebody.

Type a player name (in the text field at the top) that will identify you on the server. Then select the official server by clicking on its line then connect to it by clicking on the "Connect" button. One can also double click on the server's line.



Once connected, the game server frame appears. It contains 4 areas:

  • The list of players currently connected to the server (top left).
  • The chat room for discussions with all the players connected to the server (top right).
  • The list of created games on the server (center). Games have a state that can be seen in the "State" column. A game may be "Opened", i.e: waiting for players, or "In progress", i.e: the game has been started and one cannot join it before the game is ended.
  • The game parameters area (bottom). Once a game has been created or joined, the parameters of the game we are in are displayed in this area. Only the game creator is able to tune the game parameters. A player that has joined a game can only choose the color of the pawns he wants to play with.


Step 2 - Create the game

Each player connected to the server may decide to create a new game. To create a new game, click on the "Create new game" button. A new dialog box appears. The first step is to select the board you want to play with and then click on the "Next" button. In the unregistered version, only 2 boards are available.



A new panel appears. It allows to tune some options of the game like:

  • The game name: it identifies the game in the games' list of the game server frame.
  • Allow move help: one can authorize or not all players of the game to be able to check the "Move help" option during the game.
  • Access password: it is possible to protect the access ("Join this game" button in the game server frame) to the game with a password.

Click on the "Create" button to create the new game once you have tuned the options.



The dialog box closes and the new game is created. The created game appears in the games' list. It is grayed as the creator of a game automatically joins the game he creates.


A new window also appears: it is the chat room for the new game. It only contains people that have joined the game you currently are in and allows to discuss with all of them (contrary to the server chat room). It contains the list of people in the game. For the moment, you are the only one in the game.


Step 3 - Start the game

In the game server frame, the game parameters area is now filled and one can find in it:

  • A thumbnail of the board of the game (left).
  • The list of the players of the game with an icon that represents their type (Human or Computer) and the color of their pawns (center).
  • The game options (top right). One can choose to play a team game (need at least 3 players in the game with all of them having a registered version of the game), or also to let the computer decide which player will start playing first.
  • The buttons to start or delete the game (bottom right). Only the creator of the game can see these buttons. If the player has joined an existing game created by another player, he only sees a button to leave the game.

As the game creator (a medal is visible beside the game creator name in the game chat room), you can now tune the parameters of the game. You must wait for other players to join (they must select your game and then click on the "Join this game" button) your game before being able to start the game.


Each player is affected a pawn color by default. But each one is free to choose the color of his pawns if the slot is free. To choose the color slot, a player must check the radio box in the "Myself" column, at the desired line.


In the example below, Mathieu is the game creator and has the red pawns, Manon has joined the game and has the green pawns, Mathieu added a computer player that has the yellow pawns:



Once every players are in the game and the parameters have been tuned, you can change the size of the board with the menu "Appearence" -> "Window size". You can also change the skin (in a registered software only) with the menu "Appearence" -> "Skin". Once the game has started, it is no more possible to change the window size or the skin.


To start the game, click on the "Start game" button. Then, as you probably do not need the game server frame during the game, it is better to minimize it and to only let visible the game chat room and the game window, as shown in this screenshot: